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Anonymous in Avon, CT

Started to see Dr. Tortland about 2 years ago after consulting with numerous orthopedic dr’s on cartilage loss/damage in both knees. Did a lot of research on regenerative medicine and non-surgical options. Ended up doing a wide range of non-surgical treatments (stem cells, prolozone, PRP, sinvisc one) and back to running. Highly recommend and great staff.

Paul W in Manchester, CT

If not for a casual conversation with a relative pertaining to some back issues, I might have never heard of Dr. Tortland. I have nothing but laudatory comments, not only when it comes to Dr.Tortland’s amiable disposition, but also his assiduous work ethic. His entire demeanor, especially when he is describing to you, what can and cannot be done, is unparalleled. What impresses me greatly, is the fact that he is not in a hurry to get you out of the examination room.

Jim L in Ansonia

Dr Tortland is amazing at what he does. I have had great results with stem cell and PRP regeneration therapy on both knees. My orthopedic suggested knee replacements 8 years ago when I went in for meniscus surgery. I was totally against knee replacement because you’re not getting that bone back after its cut off, and there’s also the risk of something not going well. Paul and his staff were very attentive to my needs. The ultrasound guidance makes the procedure essentially painless. A PLUS

Elizabeth in Farmington,CT

After the first treatment, in less than one week, God absolutely used Dr. Tortland to heal SEVERE DEBILITATING SI pain that my daughter had after spending 2 years of going to many other doctors (10 others, I think), who were spine specialists, rheumatologists, MDs, DOs, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, etc! We’d tried everything previously suggested, braces, various pt, cortisone injections, various prescribed meds including narcotics! PRP with Dr. Tortland solved 2 years of misery.

John C in Avon, CT

Dr Tortland clearly explained the procedure and the results I may expect. The entire procedure was painless and within a week I was virtually pain free. For six months leading up to the procedure I was in constant pain and found it difficult to walk and perform basic living functions. Previously exercised regularly; running, biking, swimming , 40 years as well as working 12-14 hours a day. The arthritis I had in my hip was debilitating. I am improving daily with no pain.

Al in Norwich, CT

I found Dr. Tourtland on the web while looking for cartilage regeneration medical trials. He has a very informative web site that I read and then contacted him by email. To my surprise, I received a reply a few hours later. He reviewed x-rays with me and explained my situation a told me that I work be a candidate for PRP. I had the procedure on both hips. Worked well for me. No cutting, hospital stay, rehab or increased chance of a stroke. The cost is less expensive than a full hip replacement

Donna in Hamden, CT

I have already been referring Dr. Tortland to family and friends. He is very understanding and very experienced in his field.

Jackie in South Windsor, CT

Dr. Tortland is great! I have a ruptured disc in my lower back which caused nerve damaged in my right leg. I have been taking medicine for pain management for a couple of years which was prescribed by a different doctor. I fully expected Dr. Tortland to renew my prescription and send me on my way….but he didn’t. He truly does want to fix my problem!! He is compassionate and genuinely interested in helping me with my concern. I would highly recommend him.

Anonymous in Groton, CT

One of the most knowledgeable, thorough doctors I’ve ever dealt with. Helped me with persistent low back issues that no one else I saw could help with. Have personally referred several new patients, all who have come back with positive experiences. Takes the time to explain options and mechanics of proposed treatments.