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Dr. Tortland attends inaugural SDARTs conference

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Dr. Tortland attended the first-ever meeting of the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies (SDARTs) Hands-on Cadaver Master Class on Office Based Regenerative Facial Aesthetics using Fat Grafting. The 2-day course featured lectures and hands-on cadaver workshops by 3 of the world’s leading plastic surgeons: Steven Cohen MD from Ja Jolla, CA; Patrick Tonnard MD from Belgium; and Robert Alexander MD from Montana. (See details below.)

The purpose of the course was to introduce physicians to the science and practice of using minimally invasive gentle liposuction techniques to harvest and process the patient’s own fat for transfer to various areas of the face for aesthetic, restorative, and anti-aging purposes.

Dr. Tortland himself is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Medicine. For example he was the first physician in New England to begin performing lipoaspiration for orthopedic regenerative medicine purposes, such as treating arthritis, rotator cuff tears, and back pain. Few in the country have his level of experience and expertise. Desiring to take his regenerative medicine skills to new and exciting directions he has begun pursuing the use of these techniques for facial aesthetics. Attending the SDARTs course was another step in that direction.